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This cake is WOW. We served it tonight to dinner guests at a Greek Themed dinner, and they were speechless. It is THAT good. Very moist, and yes, it gets better after it "sits" and melds for about 24 hours. I modified it a tad. For the syrup, I used only 3/4 c. each sugar honey, and only 1/4 c water. I used 1/4 c Orange juice instead of the lemon juice, and the end result was just amazing. Our dinner had so much "lemon" flavor, which is why I leaned toward the "orange" flavor for this cake/dessert. I was a bit nervous about the huge amount of "syrup" to pour over the cake (even though I reduced the amount of syrup ingredients), but the cake absorbed it all. What an astounding flavor and texture. Thank you, Kittencal!

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artistclogger February 07, 2010

I made this two days ago for dessert and I am still basking in the glow from all of the praise. DH moves desserts, and has no special preference. Anything is fine with him. Now he has a favorite! He said how great it was at LEAST 4 times during dessert, and 2-3 times later. He / we all loved this. It is a "one-of-a-kind" unique dessert that is certain to WOW guests. I can't wait to try it for a dinner with friends. BUT, I always give you credit, Kitten whenever folks rave over my (your) new recipe! <br/>OH.....you have to add vanilla ice cream too. The best!

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Big D Texas August 05, 2013

This is a pleasing cake with plenty of sweetness and spice...a fun spin on the flavors of baklava! Smells delicious while baking. I think the next time I will use less orange zest as the orange flavor was a bit stronger than I prefer for my own taste...this one is a keeper for sure, and was a great dessert for my Greek dinner!

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Jen C Seattle April 05, 2011

Very good cake! Had to make a dessert last minute for a potluck. Everyone loved it. I left the leftovers at the host's home, and in the morning my Fiance went tearing up the kitchen not realizing that it was all gone. He was so sad when he found out! I guess I'll be making another. I hold off on the last star because I thought the syrup was indeed to much. I didn't even use it all, and the cake was just sitting in a puddle of honey. The bottom half of the cake was kinda soppy with it (even after I switched plates twice). So next time I'll use about half.

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Nikoma March 21, 2011

Definitely a 5 Star and should be more because of the ease of making this..and I messed up by combining all ingredients together and then mixing..Still perfect...My dad and DH thought they actually preferred it to Baklava...after all those years of me laboring to make it for my Dad..so he could have little touch of Greece..Thank you so much for recommending this to me....Wonderful

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Britt O's sweetie pie April 04, 2010

This rivals baklava for a Greek dessert!!! And easier to make!!! Everyone wanted more but it is so rich that seconds were small so we could savor the flavors.

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louisep71 December 28, 2007
Greek "baklava" Walnut Honey-Glazed Cake