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We really loved these chops! I marinated the meat for 8 hours and DH basted as he grilled. The result was succulent chops with layers of flavor. I initially thought it a tad sweet but DH thought that part was perfect. He thought the oregano was a dominant flavor yet I would consider adding more another time. By the end of the meal we both thought they were just great as is. I am a total heat wimp but used the amount of cayenne recommended. I could not discern any heat which makes it perfect for me. For those who like a little burn I'd suggest upping the cayenne. I served them with Ellinikos Lemoni Patatas (Greek Lemon Potatoes) and roasted carrots. We will be making this many times over the summer. Thanks so much for posting!

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K9 Owned May 02, 2010

This is a good recipe--we liked the lemony flavor. Take the chops off about 5 minutes before you think they will be done and put them on a covered plate--this helps them from drying out too much on the grill.

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TallulahDahling June 30, 2013
Greek-Alicious Grilled Pork Chops