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Loved the salad, but could not get the dressing to work for me. I made the dressing as written, but agree with Sharon that something was missing. Added some chives, no. Added some Spike seasoning, no. Added some yogurt, no. Added some sweet pickle relish, heck no! SO, I made the salad as written and used a sweet vinegar/oil dressing and topped it with cashews and it was great! Made for Veg*n tag.

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JanuaryBride May 05, 2009

Great salad but like the previous two reviewers felt the dressing came up short. I tried adding some pepper which helped a little but still not quite there. We did love all the rest of it including the salted cashews on top. Made as written. Thanks for the post.

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Debbwl June 18, 2011

I enjoyed this salad and liked the roasted cashews in the dressing. I felt the dressing could have used a little more seasoning- I added more lemon and a touch of sugar, but felt it still needed a little something more, but couldn't figure out just what. Thanks Mike for an idea I will use again, putting roasted nuts in the dressing!

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Sharon123 November 23, 2008
Great Greens With Cashews