Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 5 mins

we keep this in the refrigerator and it will keep for about a week..I just spoon gravy over dogs dry food or sometimes I dip a homemade or storebought treat in before giving it to the dog..makes about 2 cups gravy

Ingredients Nutrition


  1. place oil and flour into a medium pan.heat over very low heat -- stirring until mixture is smooth -- (it will be very thick).
  2. add broth -- mix well -- add remaining ingredients stirring till smooth.
  3. heat until boiling -- simmer slowly.stirring for 1 minute --
  4. cool to room temperature before serving.


Most Helpful

In addition to garlic and onions being poisonous for your dog, sodium can also be toxic, and possibly fatal. I too was oblivious to all of the "human" foods that were unsafe to give dogs until the internet age. We always gave our dogs table food and thought nothing of it. Most will probably not kill them, but who knows how many belly aches and episodes of nausea, vomitting etc. were induced by table food. Our dogs were all large outdoor dogs, so we didn't see the aftermath of our meals. Please take the time to educate yourself and other pet owners to the dangers of certain table foods. Many are toxic especially to smaller dogs. Visit the following websites for more info: <br/> ....and find another recipe that is dog friendly. This one is unfortunately not safe for Fido.

misstacie March 19, 2013

Garlic powder (and onion powder) can make a dog sick, google it - its on the list of things to NOT feed your pet! July 18, 2011

Do not use garlic for your dogs. It causes lots of problems. If you PUPPY is turning away from their food then there is something WRONG with them. I have a degree in vet science! Totally a bad idea. Ask your vet.

Stephanie A. September 24, 2008

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