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Very, very good dip. I used regular cream cheese and about one and a half heads of garlic. Goat cheese isn't available at my local (rural) market...so, this recipe had to wait for an out of town shopping trip. Goat cheese will permanently be on that shopping list now. Thanks for posting. ***UPDATE*** I prepared this recipe and spread it on spinach tortillas which were then rolled up and sliced for appetizer pinwheels. There wasn't a single one left on the plate at the end of the evening. Everyone loved them. :)

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Ms B. October 04, 2005

I read this recipe on Sunday and was in the kitchen within an hour getting things together. I needed something to take to work for a potluck and couldn't wait to try it. I doubled the recipe to have some for DH and I, but I'm such a garlic fiend that I used 3 roasted garlic bulbs while doubling everything else. I took a tip from another reviewer and put everything in the food processor and whipped it smooth while adding the milk (1/4 cup). The texture was almost fluffy but it's also a thick and creamy and oh so garlicky flavored spread. I used 8oz of low fat cream cheese and 8oz fat free cream cheese. I only had Athenos Feta (4oz) on hand instead of 'goat cheese' and it is wonderful! The spread has a savory flavor, along with the sweetness of the roasted garlic, the cream cheese and the buttery, nutty-ness of the parmesan; it's a perfect blend. Again, we are tried and true garlic lovers, and 3 bulbs is perfect for us, so use your judgment according to your taste. We tried it on whole wheat Ritz crackers and a small piece of whole wheat toast and it's absolutely the best spread I've ever had. DH loved it as well and didn't want me to take any of it to work! :) It's a great spread and could be used with so many other flavors and in so many ways. I've already got plans for another batch with seasoned roasted garlic. You can use red pepper flakes, dried basil, cumin, cilantro, oregano, thyme, rosemary, etc. The possibilities are infinite.
I took it to work for our potluck and it was a hit. There were only a couple of people who thought it was too much garlic, but one of them doesn't really like garlic anyway. Everyone else loved it!
We just had some of it for dinner this evening over spinach, tomato and wheat flavored penne with bite size grilled chicken and shredded asiago cheese. I put about a teaspoon of spread over my hot penne and it melted and coated the pasta perfectly. With the grilled chicken and asiago, it was dee-lish! I'll be taking the leftovers for lunch tomorrow. Thanks so much for posting this great recipe! :)

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Ima Cookin' April 21, 2011

Wow! I don't know what else to say ... this is fantastic. I didn't add the milk -- didn't need it to get the consistency I wanted. I made this up for my husband's lunch -- I'm planning on using it with smoked salmon, cucumbers, and red onion on whole wheat pitas. The flavor is just wonderful; I suspect this will just knock his socks off. Thanks so much for posting this!

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KLHquilts January 21, 2008

Very tasty - even with fat free cream cheese. I whipped it at the end to really blend it all together and it was nice and smooth for spreading on pita chips.

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josephinewillis December 27, 2006

This was good but didn't like all the goat cheese. I would reduce the amount next time and double the garlic. Better the second day.

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adopt a greyhound January 17, 2005

TDF. This is divine. Great garlic flavor and we're going to add even more garlic next time. The smallest amount of goat cheese we could find was 4 oz so we just went ahead and threw it all in. Used regular full-fat cream cheese. After being in the fridge this sets up pretty firm so maybe leaving it out for a while to bring it up to room temp would help make it more spreadable (we did use the milk as recipe states) or use some darn sturdy crackers. LOL This is outstanding and will be a regular in our house. A definite keeper. Thanks meow!

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*Shelly* December 27, 2004

I also loved the smell of the garlic coming out of the oven. I didn't add any milk and it was very good. Thanks.

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nemokitty February 02, 2009

This is amazing - I will definitely be making when company comes for Thanksgiving. The garlic smells heavenly when it comes out of the oven! Served with wheat thins and veggies. UPDATE: made this again for Thanksgiving. Company loved it.. I doubled the garlic. Next time I think I'll stick closer to the recipe as the extra garlic or the extra goat cheese made it too tangy.

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Demandy December 06, 2008

Perfect blend of flavors! Defiantly a keeper. Served with Pita Chips #51116 and fresh veggies. Menu #9281

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Ruby15 September 24, 2007

Toast some fresh Iggy's bread to serve with this spread. Pour the wine and join your girlfriends on the deck. Life is good.... Thanks for posting :)

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mermaidmagic August 22, 2007
GREAT Garlic Spread