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This is a great recipe to turn into a pork vegetable gravy without the potatoes to be served over the biscuits or noodles or rice. This is a great "stretch" recipe as written and believe me I know how to "stretch" when I was feeding 7 to 10 kids at a meal and the adults and grandparents. I have also made this with ground sausage, ground turkey, make sure you drain the grease from the sausage or the chops. Drop a few ice cubes in the pot and the fat and grease will stick and congeal so it is easy to skim.For color don't forget green,red,orange or yellow peppers along with carrots. Thanks for posting!

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Montana Heart Song June 27, 2007

This is actually pretty good. We were looking for something inexpensive and healthy and this really worked! I made it just as is but also added a few cloves of garlic and a few squirts of hot sauce and it turned out quite well. Just make sure you add enough salt it really makes the flavor perfect. Enjoy and thanks!

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jennyblender June 26, 2007

This is an absolutely delicious recipe! I made it for my family of 6 one night when we were all feeling under the weather with headcolds and it was the perfect dish; comforting and filling. I did make a few changes. I used about a pound of pork ribs instead of chops, and found I had to keep adding water during the cooking process to keep the meat covered. Also used 1/2 c of flour to thicken instead of 1/4 c but i may have had more water than the recipe called for. Also added the carrots. All in all a wonderful meal. Will definitely use this recipe again.

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ophelia8105 March 18, 2007

tried with garlic vs no garlic. the posted recipe is the best. very good recipe for dieting.

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Kute_Honey February 29, 2012
Great Depression Pork Stew