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This is just what I was looking for! My family raved about the flavor and thought the vinegar was such a compliment to the chicken. I baked it in the oven on a cookie sheet as my grill was disabled, and it was great. I marinated the chicken pieces overnight. I sprinkled it with paprika for color. The cook said she preferred it with garlic which I included and I'm sure I will continue to use the garlic. I questioned the need for an egg, but used it exactly as the recipe called for. It was really wonderful and we will probably use this recipe often.

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Grace Simpson September 26, 2001

I cut the recipe in half and marinated 2 whole boneless breasts. I ended up marinating for 2 days accidentally. I sauteed them in some butter. I think it was very flavorful however I think it will be better next time when I only marinate the 1 day. I'll add garlic too as suggested by author. Great marinade recipe.

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Scott Keith February 22, 2004

I thought the egg was a very strange concept, but I used it anyway. I still can't claim to understand it. However, after marinating for nearly 48 hours, the flavor did permeate the meat, not just the skin (a common complaint that my husband always has about chicken). I had to broil because I was out of grill gas, but it still turned out great. The first couple of bites seemed a bit too salty, but as I ate, I changed my mind. I did decide to use the garlic. I will probably be making this again.

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evewitch March 24, 2012

I used chicken tenderloin, so i cut the marinade time to 4 hours. I was pleasantly surprised at how flavorful and tender this made the chicken.

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bierykbjb June 22, 2010

Hi, I tried this without the egg because I thought that was just strange, so maybe that was the thing that made the difference, but mine came out really vinegar-y, salty, and just not good. The flavor was way too strong. Instead of complementing the chicken, it completely dominated. I followed the instructions otherwise and only marinated the chicken for a few hours. The only thing that rescued the meat and made it edible AT ALL was the addition of sugar at the last minute to try and cancel out the vinegar taste. This appealed to me because I had all the ingredients on hand, but I will definitely not make this again. Sorry to give your grandfather's recipe a bad review, though. Thanks for sharing. And again maybe it was my bad for not using the egg.

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m3g April 08, 2010

I have made this recipe and used Kosher salt, crushed garlic and Montreal Chicken seasoning. I also placed a plate oh top to submerge the chicken in the marinade. Yummy!!

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sandandrus May 23, 2009

I can't believe I came across this site and recipe; Grace Simpson was my dear mother-in-law who sparked my interest in cooking over 40 years ago! We also use this recipe and have shared it with our sons and their families. We like the added garlic but we also add lots of cayenne pepper or hot sauce. Gracie (Nanny) had many, many recipes which we all treasure.

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mose44 July 07, 2008

This has been in my family for a very long time.I was going to post it myself till I found it. I do not use this for a marinade I use it to baste my chicken with.If you are short for time you should try it.I use this baste with chicken quarters.Any chicken with skin yummy! I also add Italian seasoning.

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sissy June 07, 2008

This makes the best chicken. Very flavorful and moist.

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iris5555 June 11, 2007
Great Chicken Marinade