Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 15 mins

Well let's see--this morning I wanted to eat bananas, but am allergic and can only eat them when cooked. So here we go.

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Baking Spice - Copycat Pampered Chef Cinnamon Plus Mix)">


  1. In blender, add smashed banana and rest of ingredients except bread, mix. Cover bread in mixture and fry in pan until cooked.
  2. Next time I might add 2 bananas.
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Very good recipe. Thanks for posting this. I used the extra banana and about half again as much milk as called for. There was a great banana flavour and it made enough egg/milk liquid for all but the ends of a large loaf of french bread. This was a really good birthday breakfast for my son. I served it with the Cinnamon Banana Maple Syrup from Overnight Ice Cream French Toast With Cinnamon Banana Syrup. A match made in banana heaven!

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This was good, but I agree with ShortieNJ, I wanted a little bit more banana flavor so I will add extra banana next time. Thanks for posting Chef Greaneyes!

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this was good, just not a lot of banana flavor like i expected. and, unfortuneately, kept sticking to the pan. oh, well.