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Lox and Bagels, scrampled eggs with lox, or simply serve on dark bread or crackers sprinked with fresh lime makes a simple but very cool appetizer or before dinner coocktail. I live in Michigan, USA and a buddy of mine pulled about 9 huge Salmon out of a small stream in Traverse City I had to take advantage of such a great oppourtunity for fresh salmon, and free,this recipe takes some time and patient,but actually only a little work. Try IT with cream cheese/eggs , or saute 3 onions inbutter and olive oil, seson salt and pepper, beat up 12 eggs add to oven proof pan, 350 F oven until almost set and add chopped lox about 3/4 c to eggs and onion makes a great breakfast or dinner time meal serve with fresh bagels and 8 oz. slab cream cheese. Chef Brian 23 years cooking experience gratuate of Johnson and Wales Culinary 1987 Providence Rhode Island

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Brian Papagni September 26, 2001