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An easy & minty pudding pie. I left out the food coloring and instead sprinkled on a little green decorator sugar before adding the chopped candy. This doesn't keep for a long time in the fridge because, after all, it is pudding & thawed whipped topping. The next time I will make this, not as a pie, but more like a trifle with layers of the chopped candies and chocolate crumbs.

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Kat's Mom May 17, 2010

A nice surprise - normally mint-based pies go so heavily overboard on the mint that the results are lopsided and unenjoyable. Such is not the case here, where the mint from the the Andes candies and the extract is much more subtle, and therefore pleasing to the palate. Combine this with the chocolate pudding and crust and you've a winning combination. Incidentally, I made my own whipped cream for the topping, which I think adds to the luxuriousness of the dish. Warmly recommended.

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stingo May 09, 2010
Grasshopper Pie