Grasshopper Drink

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10 mins
0 mins

Simple. Sounds good.

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  1. Combine ingredients in Blender glass. Process on HI until smooth. Enjoy!
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I really like this drink. It was cool and creamy. The only change I'd make next time is to reduce the amount of creme de menthe to half as it was to dominate and strong for our taste. It sure looked pretty and was easy to put together.

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It tasted great. I would add a little more ice cream and less green creme de menthe.

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I looked forward to making these, haven't had one in YEARS! But I think it was too minty. I thought the ratio was 2 creme de cacoa to 1 creme de menthe. I made this according to directions and I suspect I was right. Still drank it ALL down however! I remember these at Christmas made with sugar cookies. Thanks for the memories.