Grasshopper (Alcoholic Beverage)

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Total Time
2 mins
0 mins

Grasshopper, Anyone?

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  1. Put ingredients in a blender for couple of seconds.
  2. Serve in a champagne glass.
  3. Serves 2 deliciously.
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I wasn't sure how to rate this one! My daughter loves grasshoppers as do husband and my dad. The boys loved this version, but my daughter could taste the brandy and thought it was too strong. I figured she would be able to taste it because she does not like strong-tasting drinks, but because the boys loved it, I am rating it 4 Stars.

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As posted, the brandy was way too strong for my liking. I have had grasshopper b4 with creme de cacao instead of brandy and I like it that way better. To make it more smoothie like (it was too liquidy) I added ice and a tablespoon of Mocha Sauce. That tasted better.