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I made this a few months ago and found it a bit thin and too greasy for my skin which needs quite a light moisturizer. However, I showed it to my girlfriend who has the driest skin on the planet and she loves it. I just whipped up a second, larger batch as she's panicking about getting to the end of it. Re. the lotion not thickening... A modification I made this time was how I whipped it up. I gave it a good going over with a hand blender until it split. The let it cool in a bath of water, went back to it once it was cold and it emulsified to a really thick cream with loads of tiny bubbles in it. Took a bit of patience, but it is the consistency of E45 this time. Very pleased. Going to try using stearic acid instead of the borax next time to make it a bit more natural. This is not a daily moisturizer for everyone, but if you have dry skin it's awesome.

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badlymade May 21, 2009

I love trying different skin recipes, but don't want a huge batch that will last me for a long time... so I ended up cutting the recipe in half. The mixture didn't come together the way I would have liked it to....it didn't have the creamy texture I was anticipating for. Another thing I did not like was the fact that it did not have a preservative in it....therefore, cutting the shelf life down considerably. The only reason it got the points it did was because it Grapeseed is an excellent oil. When the cream did cool down, it did solidify somewhat. Once applied, I had to wipe some of it off as it gave me a shinny face, but the results were that it did leave my skin soft and smooth. With Fall here and Winter coming, I will finish this up on the rest of the body. Would I come back to this one....no, sorry!!!

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Abby Girl October 09, 2008
Grape Seed Oil Lotion