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Wonderful!! This spiced up my meal, WOWED my taste buds and a delight to the eye. (I didn't chop up the grapes, just cut them in half, also added some madarin oranges.) I served it with Lemon Garlic Salmon, jasmine rice and french green beans. Thanks for sharing.

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L DJ April 24, 2008

This recipe was very different and yum! I threw some turkey breasts on the counter top grill and dressed it with this chilled salsa. DH can't wait to have a sandwich with the leftovers tomorrow. :) Needs no chips, in my opinion! By the way, the more days that pass, the more AWESOME this becomes. I just used some 5 days after making it, and it's stunning!

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PrairieHarpy April 05, 2008

What an amazing recipe! I saw it posted here and went right directly to the kitchen to try it. I did make one slight change to it. I used all green grapes because that was what I had on hand. I seeded two jalapenos before mincing them, which I'm sure cut some of the heat, but I may try leaving some seeds and ribs in the next time because it was a bit mild for us. But it was still a fabulous combination of sweet, salty, and hot! Even without allowing the salsa to chill for an hour before trying it, it was fabulous! Thanks so much for posting!

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Kendra* April 05, 2008

WOW and WOW and WOW, This recipe is DIFFERENT with a capital D ! In this case Different = refreshing, amazing and unexpected, strong flavours bouncing off one another as you experience one then another and another in turn... I have made this twice in the last days and will make it again tomorrow for dinner guests. We find that we prefer it without the jalapenos, but with a little extra tabasco sauce and that way there is still plenty of heat but no real point of fire so you don't suddenly discover that you mouth is ablaze. We also like this served as a small individual and very different salad rather than as a salsa. Yes, it is not a recipe for the unadventurous or the feint hearted, and you HAVE to love cilantro (coriander) because leaving it out simply isn't an option in this recipe. In fact it's the one ingredient I used more of than stated... and it should go without saying that fresh coriander is the only way to go here too. Please see my rating system: 5 excellent stars for a recipe that even the non fruit loving DH devoured and pronounced wonderful. Thanks!

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kiwidutch April 04, 2008
Grape Salsa