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Just made this tonight...YUMMY! I used a low fat granola with raisins, otherwise I followed the recipe. No else had a chance to have any, but I'm positive they'll like it. I'm going to use it tomorrow to make the cinnamon toast my son loves. The granola and brown sugar should go well with the cinnamon. Thanks for posting another great recipe!

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MonsterMaha January 17, 2009

Thanks Barb - this is delicious! - I made a couple of changes two deliberately and the others by mistake... my printer is not connected at the moment as I decorating so I wrote down the ingredients on some paper and mis-read them. I'd already put in about 2 1/2 cups strong wholemeal flour before I noticed it was brown sugar, not flour so I did the last 1/2 cup as strong white flour. I fancied honey rather than sugar so used 2 TBLSP honey instead, and only used 1 TBLSP butter to keep the fat low(er). I used a whole cup of some unsweetened 'Alpen' to use more of it up, and as I didn't think there was enough fruit I added a TBLSP currants. I added a few more TSPs water as it looked a bit dry with this particular muesli/granola, and as I almost always do a good 1/3 TSP of vitamin C powder. Notwithstanding my multiple mistakes and the change to honey (which I liked) it tastes great with a little low-fat spread and honey. Definitely going to make again. Quite liked the inadvertant wholemeal flour use although I'll probably drop it just 1 cup of wholemeal next time. I don't think it was too little butter - was still nicely buttery with just one TBLSP and certainly healthier! Very nice bread indeed - thank you!

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Ethan UK October 03, 2005

Delicious bread and a great way to use up some granola cereal! I only used one cup of water and 1/4 cup of milk, skipping the powdered milk. I used low fat granola, so next time I will add a few more raisins, but we all enjoyed this bread very much. Thanks for sharing!

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ellie_ August 30, 2004

A big hit with our family! The crust had a buttery-crisp texture to it, and the inside was warm and soft with just a hint of sweetness from the granola and brown sugar. A real keeper!

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LorenLou March 24, 2004
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