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I had alot of fun with this. I substituted pumpkin seeds for the sunflower, wheat germ(3/4 cup) and nutritional yeast(1/4 cup) for the flax seed and oat bran, and maple sugar for the corn syrup(happened to be what I had on hand). I put in dried apricots,dates,figs, and raisins for fruit, and almonds and walnuts. Yum! Oh, and I used a metal baking sheet to help press with my barefeet-it felt so nice and warm! Thanks for the recipe!

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Sharon123 May 13, 2002

these are really excellent. i made them just as the recipe said but i think i will reduce the brown sugar next time. i wrapped them individually in plastic wrap so we can grab one in a hurry on the way out the door.

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erinn in tbay January 30, 2003

What a great backpack snack! I don't know the source for flax seed meal but toasted up some sesame seeds and ground them up instead. It worked great. Next time I'd like to add some dried blueberries and cherries. Thanks for the recipe.

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Aroostook May 04, 2002

Well, I finally got this recipe down after 4 tries! Let me tell what I learned NOT to do! :) 1) Do not substitute flax SEEDS for flax seed meal, you need it to hold them together. 2) If you add chocolate chips, wait until the mixture is almost cooled then mix them in and transfer to pan. Otherwise, the chips melt and you end up with "Chocolate" Granola Bars! 3) If you add peanut butter, don't melt it with the butter and corn syrup mixture. Wait until the end and stir it in as one of the last ingredients. A good amount of peanut butter is 1/4-1/2 cup, depending on your taste (and omit the cinnamon and fruit for this and for choc. chips). 4)Don't replace the corn syrup with all honey (I tried to be Ms. Healthy)...they'll taste gross. NOW I'll let you in on what I did RIGHT! 1) Adding 2 Tbsp. pure maple syrup makes them taste wonderful. 2) So does adding something crispy like Rice Crispies or even some other cereals like Kix or Cocoa Pops. When I make these with PB AND Choc. Chips, my three kids, and even my husband DEVOUR them within about 3 days! I think I will be making these for years and years to come. Thanx, Mary! -- posted Jul 8, 2005

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Debidoo July 09, 2005

These granola bars are totally awesome. I omitted the sunflower seeds as we have allergy to them but added chopped prunes (for madisinal use), raisens, chopped Walnuts, almonds and used 2 cups rice crispies and 2 cups oats. My husband has been snacking all afternoon. This recipe is definutley a keeper. It did however take about 45 minutes to prepare as I had nut and fruit chopping to do. Next time I will double the recipe and try different fruits in it. Thanks

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ladyann February 26, 2003

Wonderful and fast...I wrap them individually (they are heartier and bigger than the ones you buy in the store) and the kids grab them for school lunches, after school snacks, or for munching on during walks. I love that I can substitute any ingrediants I want! I added a handful of chocolate chips to entice my picky eater to try them...I won't even need to next batch!

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Violet Petals March 24, 2003

Outstanding! I omitted the coconut and nuts, but added 1/4c. wheat germ. Delicious and filling-- make a great breakfast bar! Thanks for sharing!

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my2girls February 03, 2003

As many have stated, a very versitile recipe! I've already made them twice. I couldn't find oat bran, so I used wheat bran. Substituted sunflower seeds with pumpkin seeds, doubled the amout of dates, used only 1/4 cup sugar (because the dates are sweet enough). As per another suggestion, I substituted corn syrup with honey and the honey with tahini. DELICIOUS. A bit crumbly but I think it's almost impossible not to have it like that unless you use marshmellow or some other sugar that hardens.
Tip: to coarsly chop the nuts, I throw them in a mortar and bash them a few times. Much faster than chopping.

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joanne.smolka February 11, 2011

These are fantastic! I've tried a lot of different granola bar recipes, but never found one with a good enough taste and texture. This definitely did the trick, although I made a couple of substitutions: I replaced the flax seed meal with a mixture of wheat germ and psyllium husks, used cashews and almonds for the nuts, and raisins, both regular and chocolate covered, chopped, for the the dried fruit. I replaced the margarine with butter, cut down on the brown sugar slightly, and used 1/4 cup honey, 1/4 cup corn syrup, and 1/4 cup maple syrup for the liquid sweeteners. I don't think I packed it tightly enough or let it cool properly, so it was a tiny bit crumbly when I cut it, but after I wrapped them individually (and squeezed a little) I put them in the freezer for a little while and they were perfect. A definite make-again. Thanks!

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CountryMama July 14, 2008

These were exactly like our favorite bars from the store. thank you for sharing with us.

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mommyoffour August 11, 2013
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