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These are so quick and easy and substitutes are easily made. I've made many varieties of this recipe so far. So yummy!

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msmuppet1 January 03, 2016

This was such an easy recipe! I loved it. I didn't use the chocolate chips because I wanted to be able to travel with them and didn't want to worry about them melting. I added 1/2 cup flaxseed meal as well. I also listened to other reviews and used parchment paper instead of foil and it didn't stick at all. Great recipe!

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Kelly0412 September 23, 2010

Love this versatile recipe! I added Sam's whole wheat cereal w/ flax seeds for an extra crunch and healthy kick. Also used low-fat condensed milk. Additionally we like it a little crunchier, so I've baked it at 350 and I've found that baking it on parchment paper works great, it stuck horribly to the foil for me.

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ItsGottaBeQuick September 11, 2007

I used th egg white substitution in place of the butter to lower the fat content but had to have the chocolate! I also used dried sweetened cranberries for my dried fruit and chopped my own Brazil nut for the chopped nuts. The chocolate was cheaper to buy in a big bar and cut into pieces as oppsed to buy chocolate drops but if money's not a problem the drops are less hassle! Passed this recipe on to a friend as I think it's fantastic and I'm addicted to them now! Thanks so much for sharing your recipe. Kate x

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forman.family May 21, 2007

My kids and I really liked these. I had a hard time staying out of the container they were stored in. I did leave out the chocolate chips as I wanted something with a little less sugar, so that I could eat them on the way to work. The first thing my daughter said was...these are good but they could be a little sweeter. Go figure. I used what nuts I had on hand (honey roasted sunflower seeds and cashews) and a fruit mixture of dried cherries, cranberries and apples. These only problem I had was they crumbled when I tried to cut them. I don't think I pressed them into the pan hard enough. I can tell these are going to become a staple around here, something healthy for me and my kids to snack on. I look forward to making these again and experimenting with different nuts and fruits.

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Kellie in SLO May 27, 2005

This recipe is awesome! I made it the first time just like the recipe. The second time, I replaced the chocolate chips and raisins with nuts,and coconut (Only because we like them in the morning and the chocolate was a bit too sweet for us). I also replaced the butter with 1 beaten egg white (to lower the fat) and it worked great..couldn't tell the difference in flavor or texture. I'm now making my 3rd batch and added wheat germ and craisins too! Thanks so much for this versitile...I've been searching for a good one for about 2 yrs and this is the first one I've been 100% happy with! My teenage daughter and husband love these as much as I do! SUPER SIMPLE TOO!

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zaar mate May 17, 2005
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