Granny's Special Sloppy Joes

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Total Time
5 mins
20 mins

no time for long lists of ingredients? If you count the salt, and pepper, this one has 6 ingredients. No time consuming preparations. Granny makes em, and kids love em. Hint: don't want to chop onions? Buy them frozen.

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  1. Mix together ground beef, and onion,and fry til done.
  2. Add rest of ingredients.
  3. Simmer til hot.
  4. Serve on hamburger buns.
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I have been using this recipe for 50 years. The only difference is that I try to use fresh tomatoes (blanched and diced). If you can boil water (for blanching) and brown hamburger, you can make this come out good every time. Truth is that I use tomatoes with skin some of the time and canned diced tomatoes too. It's a very forgiving recipe.
Adjust the spices to your liking. My elementary school (in the '60's) made sloppy joe's but they always added some spice that had a weird aftertaste. This recipe is better.

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This is the recipe we have used at our house for over 40 years, though I add a tsp of mustard, a tblsp of catsup and a couple shakes of chili powder....awesome!