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I'm not vegetarian but have been trying to cut down on meat consumption; I've found that all the vegetarian chilis I've tried taste like they're lacking something. Not this one. I think it's the zucchini, which I shredded for this recipe, which gives the chili more body...or maybe it's all the different kinds of beans which give it enough depth of flavor. Whatever the secret, THANK YOU Sharon123 for posting this amazing recipe that provides a whole lot of delicious, healthy, comfort food for not a lot of $$$- and easy ingredients that are generally kept on-hand to boot!

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meridangola September 13, 2010

This is a nice, hearty, filling, and satisfying bowl of veggie chili. There is a detectable sweetness, that sort of threw me, but I attribute it to the baked beans. It wasn't unpleasant, just different. For those who like an all-out savory chili, you could sub a can of spicy chili beans instead. Thanks, S123.

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ratherbeswimmin' January 31, 2010

This is super good. I would make it even if I go back to eating meat. It makes great enchiladas. Just roll in a tortilla with cheddar and enchilada sauce.

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RoxanneH February 19, 2011

Very nice flavor. A couple of changes, but nothing much.

More garlic, cumin (that is my personal preference) and more heat I used a jalapeno and serrano because I had them in my garden (FL), and just because I knew the guys I was serving like it hot. It didn't change much and the recipe is great as is. Those were just personal changes. I added 1 more can of beans to stretch it even further, (hungry guys).

Garnished with white cheddar, tortilla chips and sour cream with scallions.
Very very nice recipe

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SarasotaCook January 31, 2011

Thanks! This was suprisingly GOOD! I will make this again.It was easy and filling.I did'nt have time to cook it in the crock pot.I made it on the stove and it turned out fine.I just cooked the veggies a little longer and proceeded from there.I used the 14&1/2 ounce can of tomato puree and also added a 14&1/2 ounce can diced tomatos.I plan on freezing some and taking some to work for lunch too!I agree it would be great over some brown rice,but I served it plain with some grated cheddar cheese and really enjoyed it!!!

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Theresa P February 05, 2003

This is my go-to soup when I don't have soup left overs in the fridge. I cook it over night and wake up to veggie chili to put in my lunch. And what a treat! I don't like a lot of heat so I put no jalapenos in it. ANd I routinely use a can of black beans, not black bean soup. I use the spices as described. And I usually add frozen corn rather than canned corn. You are well fed when this is in your fridge.

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MollyJ May 11, 2010

Made this the other day, then kept out enough for 2 of us before freezing the rest of it for another time or two ~ Just the kind of thing to have on hand when my vegetarian son & DIL are over for a meal! I expect to be making another whole batch just for freezing ~ Gotta be prepared for the next few cold months! Thanks, much, for another great keeper! [Tagged & made in Please Review My Recipe]

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Sydney Mike January 20, 2010

My husband does not like beans. He always complains when I serve him beans of any kind. So I made this chili and served him a small serving in a room without good lighting. Guess what?? He liked it and this recipe is nothing but beans. Everyone else liked it too this one is a winner.

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bitch'n kitchen October 19, 2009

YUM! First let me say we are NOT vegetarians. I made this because we go meatless once a week. I used just regular black beans, and swapped out the baked beans for chili beans cause I had this in my pantry. I kept everything else from the recipe the same. I liked the sound of it originally, so I doubled the recipe right off the bat. It wouldn't fit in my crockpot, so I cooked it on the stove. My husband liked the chickpeas in the recipe for a nice change, but I loved the spice. As a matter of fact, I have pulled some of the frozen leftovers out of the freezer, and they are dinner for tonight: at the request of hubby! I will definitely make this again on meatless evening.

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CookingBlues July 18, 2012

This was a really good, really easy chili that had the advantage of making use of our crockpot (so there was less stress finding enough flames when it was time to have everything ready to serve). Our only problem was using a can of mexican kidney beans that had its own spicing so we had to use a fire extinguisher on some of the kids' tongues but it was still really good and all the leftovers were eaten up very quickly despite the extra spice. We made it without zuchini, or at least I hope we made it without zuchini because otherwise I accidentally ate zuchini and somehow survived it. Very nice, very easy dish. We're going to try it with cheese and noodles next time.

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AbbaGav April 27, 2012
Granny's Slow Cooker Vegetarian Chili