Granmama's Uncooked (No Bake, No Cook) Fruitcake

Total Time
12hrs 20mins
Prep 20 mins
Cook 12 hrs

Not your typical fruit cake! We eat this one down South (Florida) and Granmama finally let me have the recipe. No baking, no aging and none of that "whatsit?" fruit!


  1. Crush the graham crackers into fine crumbs.
  2. Granmama's recipe calls for "puffed" raisins. To puff them, soak in hot water for 30 minutes.
  3. Chop the nuts; drain and cut cherries in half (if they are whole).
  4. Melt marshmallows in milk.
  5. Mix all ingredients together.
  6. Pack into regular sized loaf pan.
  7. Refrigerated overnight and cut with a hot knife.
  8. Coconut is an optional ingredient.
  9. Cook time is refrigeration time.
Most Helpful

Icebox (no bake) fruitcake is the only kind of fruitcake I like. This recipe is great! I used half the amount of raisins called for, and added about 1 cup of coconut. I didn't bother plumping the raisins, as I didn't see the need. The dough is sticky to work with, but after pressing it in a loaf pan and chilling it, it's not as bad. I lined my loaf pan with parchment paper so I could remove the cake easier.

michelles3boys December 19, 2012

I , personally HATE fruitcake. This is absolutely Fantastic

teddin June 08, 2010