Grandparent Mocktails #1 and #2 (Non-Alcoholic)

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Prep 2 mins
Cook 0 mins

My brother sent me an invite to join him at the website & I get periodic emails from them on the art of grandparenting. The most recent email had a fun article on kid-friendly mocktails & suggested that kids should have spec beverages for their parties & also tasty + festive beverages to enjoy while their elders drink cocktails on spec occasions & holidays. Per the intro, “Shirley Temple, take a bow & step aside. Some new entertainers have taken center stage. The effervescent, sometimes sparkly, always refreshing & totally non-alcoholic mocktails are beverages that kids & partygoers of all ages will enjoy.” I am entering the recipes in pairs, groups or individually based on # of servings. *Cheers* !

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  1. Darth Vadar ~ Put crushed or cubed ice in a tall glass & pour in cola. Top w/Grenadine & garnish w/an orange slice & a cherry.
  2. Orange You Glad ~ Blend all ingredients in blender w/6 ice cubes till smooth & serve in a tall glass.
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My DGD made the Orange You Glad drink and loved it! It was simple and tasted oh so good. Thanks twissis for sharing this great drink. Congrats again on your Week #17 Football Pool win.

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I made the 'Orange You Glad' drink because we love Orange Juliuses (and this one is no exception)! I used Splenda for the sugar. This is a great refreshing 'anytime' beverage. Thanks for posting this wonderful treat!