Grandma's Turnips and Carrots

Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 15 mins

My Grandma made this; we have it at Thanksgiving.


  1. Grate the turnips and carrots together.
  2. Cook in water to cover until tender; drain (not dry).
  3. Add salt, pepper and mix with butter.
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We surely did enjoy this combo but with just the butter, salt and pepper felt that it was missing that touch of something. I added a *very* light sprinkle of Splenda and that brightened it right up and filled in that blank flavor spot. I would make this again and I would suggest that if you have no problem with sugar to add just a bit of honey.

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I scaled this back for 1 serve and it fed 3 of us as a side which we enjoyed as a nice change from mash potatoes. I didn't great them though, just cooked till tender and then drained and mashed with a little butter and seasoning. Thank you Dienia B. made for Almost 5 tag game.

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I really enjoy carrots and Turnips together. I didn't grate them but cut them small and then did a few strokes of mashing them but not so much that they lost their identity. Thanks for posting an old favorite of mine