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Flawless! Perfect! Incredible recipe!!! EXACTLY the way that Swedish pancakes should look and taste and I know what I'm talking about, being Swedish and eating my own Gran's Swedish pancakes! Backstory: the Old Timer's only had a small collection of recipes that their own ancestors taught them, orally, so there was never a need to write them down. They were ALL commited to memory. And sadly, if the next generation (our parents) didn't care enough to ask for written recipes, they became lost...forever. Such was the case in my family: my Mum hated cooking so no recipes were saved from my dear Gran and I've had to locate them from the web. Years ago, I had tried various "Swedish" pancake recipes and they were all rubbish; I even tried the Lund mix and was very unhappy with that. So, throughout the years, when my own family and I wanted authentic Swedish pancakes, we'd fork out the BIG BUCKS and waited in line for an hour, at Ann Sather's in Chicago. This year, however, I got tired of the wait, the $60.00 plus dollars that we'd have to spend for six servings of the pancakes and the $1.00 dollar per person surcharge for an additional micro-cup of lingonberry sauce (always cut with cranberries to cheapen the servings.) I did various web searches, saw horrid reviews for other recipes and then found this one. Not a lot of reviews but they were all favourable. So, the day before Easter, when my family was out at the cinema, I followed this recipe to a tee, cutting it in half as an experiment. And the result was flawless, perfect and brought tears to my eyes, as they were 100% like my Gran's!!!! So, this morning, when everyone wandered out for coffee and I announced that "We're not going out for Swedish pancakes today!", I was met with groans and complaints...until I told them that we were having them made and served at home. :) I tripled the recipe, served them folded with powdered sugar inside and bathed in lingonberry sauce. EVERYONE was overjoyed with the end result and our pocketbook was happy, too! The 1 substitution that I made was to melt 2 Tablespoons of butter, rather than the oil; as a dairy farmer's grand-daughter, I just can't use oil in baked goods. I've already sent along this recipe to three friends this morning, sharing the incredibleness of this simple treat. Thanks, Alskann!

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The_Swedish_Chef April 24, 2011

Lightly sweet and delicious. Maybe I should not have done this but I mixed mine in the blender. Someone with more crepe knowledge, please let me know if that was alright to do. Anyway there were 8 large crepes that never made it past the cooling plate. We did not use any syrup on them. That would have been hard since we ate them standing by the stove. lol Made for *Recipe Swap No19 August 2008* game, from the Aussie Forum

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Charlotte J August 23, 2008

Thanks for this wonderful pancake recipe Alskan! Breakfast was a pleasure to fix and eat today. We loved these as they were thin and with just enough sweetness, just the way we like them! Had with blueberry sauce over them for an extra treat! Roni

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Sunny In Florida June 22, 2008

Wow I was so skeptical that I could make a pretty crepe. I was wrong! This recipe makes beauiful and delicious crepes In about 10 minutes! I used splenda in place of sugar and didn't find them too sweet at all. I would even consider filling with savory items like cheese and spinach. I tried them with syrup and some with red raspberry jam, FANTASTIC! Thanks Alskann! I will make these again!

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Kiwiwife June 04, 2008

These were very good, faintly sweet and delicious. I served them with cooked apples that I sauteed on the stovetop while I was making the pancakes. I did substitute buckwheat flour for the regular flour, so that these pancakes were gluten-free. Thanks, Alskann, for a yummy breakfast! Made for Aussie/NZ Recipe Swap.

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Susiecat too June 02, 2008

We loved these Alskann!! We had them with Rita's blueberry sauce and sausage. They were very thin and crepe-like. Delicious!

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Acerast June 24, 2007

Very good. Made a half batch using melted butter instead of oil. Since I figured Grandma used whole milk which I didn't have, I used one half 2% milk and one half Half & Half. Put a thin film of maple syrup on pancakes and rolled them up. Ate all of them. Love these!

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Angora June 07, 2015

Excellent! Very easy to make! They key is to keep them thin, watch the temperature so they don't burn, and use a wide spatula to flip. I put bananas in a couple, and Lingonberries in the others. Delicious!

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Reda500 January 27, 2015

These were so good! Decided to not just try the "top rated" recipe but to look a little further down the list. "Grandma" and "3rd generation" got me. These were easy to make and the directions so well-written and easy to follow. My 8-year-old was very happy to think that "right now there are grandmas, aunts, cousins, uncles, etc." in Sweden eating these right now! LOL Thank you! We'll keep this recipe for another generation. :)

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Empire920 February 01, 2014

These tasted just like my Mom's pancakes, which we called 'skinny yellow kind' (as opposed to the big fluffy kind). She's been gone for 4 years and stopped cooking about 5 years before she died so, needless to say, I was overwhelmed with nostalgia eating these pancakes. We absolutely loved them. I also cooked mine in butter, just like Mom did, but otherwise didn't change a thing. The only thing I'll do differently next time is to double the recipe....my husband and I ate them in minutes and could have eaten more! Also, I made the batter the night before and let it sit in the fridge overnight...Mom always did that so she could just start right in with the cooking in the morning. Thanks so much Alskann for sharing a family recipe!

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Hey Jude November 01, 2012
Grandma's Swedish Thin Pancakes