Grandma's Sour Cream Raisin Pie

Total Time
Prep 2 mins
Cook 10 mins

This is my mother's favorite pie recipe and it came from her mother. Just wanted to pass along an old family favorite to my Zaar family.


  1. Mix together filling ingredients and cook until thick.
  2. Pour into pre-baked pie shell -- that's it, no more cooking.
  3. Optionally you may top with meringue, lightly brown the meringue.
Most Helpful

Mysterygirl, what a treat to find this recipe! My grandmother also use to make this for us many years ago and I haven't tasted it for a long time. The smell and taste of your pie is like sitting in my grandmother's kitchen again.I made one for my sister as well, and all she could say was MMMMMMMMMMMM! This recipe gets an honoured place in my recipe files.

Carrie Ann August 16, 2002

Oh-My-God this is sooooooo good (and really easy!)!! I just got finished making mine, it's the first time i've ever had raisin pie b4, and let me tell u i was in heaven! I only had about 3/4 c. of sour cream so i used lemon yogurt 2 fill 2 the 1 c., i think it actually came out better this way because there was a little hit of lemon in it. I will be making this again!!

Katrina April 08, 2003

You can improve this recipe by adding 2 Tablespoons of cider vinegar, 1 teasp. cinnamon and 1/4 tsp. cloves. The vinegar and spices are what make the pie fragrant and delicious. And it travels well for holiday dinners.

Camolcese November 27, 2013