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I hate writing a negative review because some people take it as argumentitive and a challenge. Not so. Merely an expression of my impressions and taste. This receipe left a lot to be desired. The meat and gravy were without any flavor. The vegetables were mushy. In short not at all like "grandma's". The meat was tender courtesy of the pressure cooker except that I used a chuck roast and that is "long grained" which the pressure cooker did not break down and the result was a tasteless chewy mass which was quite unsatisfactory. Will try a fine grain meat for the next roast and another receipe.

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loulh October 07, 2010

We have been trying to make a tender pot roast for years. The meat was tender and the potatoes and carrots were perfect. Plenty of liquid when done cooking.

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motormouth1 April 18, 2010
Grandma's Pressure Cooker Pot Roast