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I just wanted to say thanks to you (and your talented grandma, especially) for this terrific recipe. I managed to get 13 popcorn balls out of it for our Halloween Party tonight, and they were a HIT. I have never made popcorn balls before in my life and happened upon this site via a random google search. I'm so glad that I did! I discovered that if you let the sugar mixture boil long and hot enough, they turn out nice and crackly like candy. We neatly folded them in squares of wax paper and tied the popcorn ball "packets" closed with natural twine. At our party they were served from an apple basket on the table and the whole thing looked so "autumn" and festive. Thanks again for sharing your family recipe and making our Halloween party so extra-fun!!

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Miehana October 27, 2007

this was ok but it was a little sticky for me

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crazyaliyah October 18, 2007
Grandma's Popcorn Balls