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OK, a long time cook/baker here but I'll admit this recipe baffled me! So few ingredients in the dough...but trust I did the reviews. Well, let me say these are so very light & tender. They are FANDAMNTASTIC! I followed the recipe halving it as there is just me & used Solo Prune filling only problem is I now need to make another batch! These will be a regular around here I can promise you that. Let's see, apricot, prune ,poppyseed.......& the beat goes on. TYSVM

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Iron Bloomers December 21, 2009

I made these yesterday for my cookie tins to give out. Very easy recipe to follow. The only problem I had was I made the dough a day ahead of time and it took forever to warm up enough out of the refrigerator to be able to roll it (totally my not thinking through how hard the butter would make the dough!). After rolling the dough, the cutting, filling, etc. all went smoothly. I used apricot filling and almond filling. They are now in the freezer waiting to be given out for Christmas. I did taste test each flavor and boy are they good. Not too sweet; just right!

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Lunchmeat December 14, 2009

The only problem I had with this recipe is that I didn't DOUBLE them! Holy cow, these flew off the plate, and they were suppose to be frozen for Christmas. My son who shuns any cookie that isn't choc. chip, loved these, the cherry ones. I used cherry and apricot filling. I followed recipe to a T. I only chilled for about an hour, but I did not have a bit of problem with dough, it was very easy to work with. I love the light texture, my Polish mom used to make these but she used a nut filling. I don't know where her recipe went, but these were excellent, and will be a part of my Christmas cookie tray from now on. Thank you!

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Aunt Paula December 13, 2008

Very easy to make and it is great that the dough can be made the day before. Another great help is that they can be frozen after baked! I took them to church today for refreshment time and they were a big hit. Thanks so much for posting, Mareesme!

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Color Guard Mom November 01, 2007

GREAT! My old recipe for kolachy was about 1/2 cream cheese. I'm a vegan now and needed something more easily adapted. Used Earth Balance vegan butter and tofutti sour cream. These worked out beautifuly! The dough is SUPER easy to work with (which is a sure tell sign that I'll make these again) I did add a little salt and about 1/4 cup powdered sugar to the dough to give it a little more depth. Highly recommended!

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Nikoma December 22, 2012

Amazing! Just like my Grandma-in-law made. So glad I found your recipe. Now I can keep the tradition going.

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Lee Ann S. February 15, 2016

Help! I rated this 5 stars because they are delicious....however, I had a terrible time with the dough! None of the other reviews seemed to have an issue, so maybe I did something wrong. I followed the recipe for the dough, but it would not hold together! It was so crumbly that I threw away the first batch. I used cold butter in the first batch, which wouldn't even hold together. I used room temp butter in the second batch & still could not make a ball, but put it in the fridge anyway. When I took it out there was no way I could roll out that pastry. I added flour, is what I read in the recipe..no luck. Then I added a little water to try & hold it together. The Kolacky taste great, but what did I do wrong. Did anyone else have this problem? Does anyone have a solution? Thanks so much!

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gary_di.1995 December 11, 2014

My mom makes these at christmas time but she puts a nut filling in some of them and fruit in the others...I love them they are awsome.

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Crissleigh_75 May 16, 2011

Kolacky cookies have been in our family for years we are polish & german and love to have this not so sweet treat at Christmas....Hope everyone enjoys them as much as we do! :O)

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Chef of homecooking November 08, 2010

I used this recipe for my child's heritage day and everyone loved them.They freeze beautifully too.I had trouble finding solo filling, mainly only the chunky berry type pie fillings-so I tried using apricot and strawberry jelly.They work, but these fillings get a little runny and drip over the edges when baking.The solo is thicker and would be my preference though.Thanks for sharing with all of us who don't have a Polish grandma!

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Dalieber December 18, 2007
Grandma's Kolacky Cookies