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Wonderful egg custard pie! I was surprised that I didn't like this pie that much initially given the reviews and since I love egg custard. I tried it the night I made it after it was chilled in the refrigerator. The flavor was good, but the custard was too light, more flan-like. After it was refrigerated overnight, however, the custard became firmer and was wonderful. I will be replacing my regular egg custard pie recipe with this one. Recommend making a day ahead of time.

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Autumn Girl January 23, 2010

My mother is 91 and facing end of life issues. When her doctor asked her if there was anything she wanted she said "custard pie." I made this recipe and she thought it was wonderful! (She can only ear pureed foods.) Thanks for sharing this recipe.

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Texaginian October 23, 2013

This made a perfect pie !! The whole pie was gone in one sitting. I think I'll have to make another !! The trick to making a good custard ...DON'T over bake, take the pie out while it still jiggles in the middle. Residual heat will continue to cook the pie as it sits. I dusted my pie with some fresh grated nutmeg and cinnamon. A fantastic pie !!!

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Theresa P December 27, 2009

Super EASY! I was worried about the scalded milk, but it was easy. Simply warm milk in the microwave slowly to reach 180 degrees and then stir in slowly while whisking continuously. This pie set so easily and is delicious, looks pretty too. My first attempt at a custard pie. This recipe us a keeper.

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logue November 27, 2014

Taxagnian, you definitely did right by your mother with this recipe! I had planned to make a creme brule in a crust, so I used heavy cream instead of milk. I wasn't just going to throw out that perfectly fine extra yolk, so I threw that in with the other eggs. I sprinkled a bit of chopped pecans over the crust before pouring filling (with coconut added) in. It was wonderful. My mother had requested a coconut custard pie and just said that was the best pie she has ever had in her life. KEEPER. Thank you so much for sharing this recipe!

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Tina A July 20, 2014

This was simply delicious! Turned out PERFECT! I first doubled the recipe. Omitted the egg whites and instead just added two more whole eggs so that it was 8 whole eggs (no whites), I also didnt have any whole milk but I did have 2% so I tried it with that and everything was just delicious! Most important is waiting overnight to eat it. I had a piece when it cooled down and then a piece the next morning and there is NO comparison! I have a 2 year old son who is VERY picky and he tried to eat half the pie... He REALLY loves it.... Thank goodness I doubled that recipe and made two pies! Thanks for such a wonderful recipe! I will be keeping this one forever!!

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kikilem123 May 10, 2013

I rate this a 5 stars on the ease and appearance of this custard. I just wanted the custard and not the crust for a pie part so I followed the recipe w/o a crust and put it in a casserole dish inside a roaster pan filled with warm water. It took about 35 minutes and was set up perfect. I didn't have whole milk so used a combination of half and half and 2% milk and that worked fine. Thank you for the recipe.

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appliance queen July 24, 2010

This recipe is a keeper. I find it a little sweeter than store bought brand. Remember to use deep dish pie crust or else you will have extra custard left. I bake mine for an hour.

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Kayarich October 20, 2009

My husband loves custard pie & this one is just like the one I had lost in moving, And I have tried a lot of recipes.Thank you for posting.

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Sissy 1 September 29, 2009

I was craving a custard tart, which are mini versions of this fantastic pie and are popular in the UK. So, I found this one and it was fantastic. The pastry was perfect even though it was a little over cooked on the edges as I forgot to cover them. I tried a 'slither' small slice when it 1st came out of the oven which was delicious. But I enjoyed it more at a girly picnic in Delores park - Taking advantage of our unisual 70 degree temperatures we are having right now. It paired beautifully with a lillt Asti Spumante after a light chicken salad lunch. Hubby loved it too- wating 2 slices and without coaxing commented on the gorgeous pastry. Thanks for the recipe ;-)

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harponjo January 18, 2009
Grandma's Egg Custard Pie