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I omitted the walnuts, and added 3/4 tsp. cinnamon to the batter. These are delicious. My teenage son would give them 10 stars! These cookies are chewy with a nice crunchy detail from the corn flakes. Thanks for this winner!

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vrvrvr April 16, 2007

DS loves these (he had them for a bedtime snack AND for breakfast.) Following other reviewer's comments I omitted the walnuts, upped the amount of corn flakes and flour, and added some cinnamon. In my oven they were ready in 7 minutes. I made a log of half the dough and froze it. Nice to enjoy a corn flake cookie without coconut for a change. Thanks.

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Elisabetta47 October 08, 2010

Any cookie recipe that calls for a cup of butter has a friend in me! These were outstanding. I forgot to grease the cookie sheets and it didn't matter. I omitted the walnuts and used 3/4 tsp. cinnamon. Next time I will also add chocolate chips. Oh so good. This recipe is a winner!

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ILUVMYVOLVO September 07, 2007

I made these cookies on a very humid, rainy day, so I probably should have added more flour. I also discovered that the walnuts I had were smelling a bit rancid, so they were tossed rather than used. I did have 1/2+ cup of toffee chips left from another recipe, so added those instead. The cookies turned out to be thin and very, very crispy. Almost like a lace cookie texture, which I loved. I also discovered that you shouldn't crowd the pan when placing these cookies. They cook up much better with ample space in between. In any case I truly love them. The flavor is outstanding and the crunch is very satisfying. I know they'll be even better with the walnuts. And I got something like 90 cookies, using my PC cookie scoop!!

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Vina April 22, 2007
Grandma's Corn Flake Cookies