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Oh happy day, my childhood is back! As a native of Maine, clam dip was a staple at ANY party/picnic/bbq. Now I live in the Midwest, and even seeing a clam in a supermarket is a rarity. This dip is "wicked good!" My ONLY suggestion is to add a bit of mayonnaise. The cream cheese only version is a bit too dense for my liking. If you are used to a typical "ranch" or "french onion" style dip, I highly suggest adding a tablespoon or two of good ol' mayo. Also, I too was not sure if I was supposed to add the clam juice from the can. I added 2 or 3 tablespoons, and I think this turned out perfect. Note- The clam taste does take a few hours to blend with the cream cheese, just give it time. When in doubt, save the clam juice and add more if need be. The man of the house never tried clam dip before, claims he hates clams, but LOVED this dip. A MUST for anyone! You will definitely be the hero of any potluck gathering! ***** 5 stars!

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Snoopy Chef July 04, 2008

I thought this was very very good. But, the issue with the can of clam and not knowing how much juice to keep was a problem. I ended up draining half the juice and it was about right. I really would have rated it 5 stars but I hate guessing. Also, added an extra dash of tobasco sauce.

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Seashorewalker January 03, 2009

This versatile dip is excellent with potato chips (as suggested), but is equally delicious as a spread on a cracker or a spread for a bagel. Next time, I'll probably add more clams, worcestershire, and hot sauce, because we love really zingy, zesty flavors, but this is a delicious dip as is, and is perfect for football season parties and even summer potlucks. Excellent recipe, Kirstin!

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Lizzie-Babette January 26, 2004

This is a really tasty dip recipe, but the simplicity of it is what impressed me the most. Super-easy to prepare, and very few ingredients. I too added the fresh garlic, about 3 cloves, otherwise followed the recipe exactly. We snacked on this with some Ruffles, and it was really great, we just couldn't quit munching! Thanks for a real keeper!

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bratty October 18, 2003

My first attempt at making clam dip and and what could be simplier.We were having appies while watching the game and I mixed this up about 2 hours before serving. I did add 2 gloves of minced fresh garlic and 1 tbs parsley for color. This is a great dip! Much better than any I have tried. Will be making this often during football season. Thanks

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Just Cher October 05, 2003

I love Clam Dips! This is a great clam dip recipe. I was extreemly delighted to find a clam dip recipe with taste. The flavors really seem to compliment each other. I did add the "dash" of Tabasco sauce, which was optional. It was much better then I could have bought ready made.

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cookie j September 03, 2002

Probably one of the quickest clam dips to make. I used fresh garlic in place of powder. I blended everything before adding the chopped clams because I wanted clam chunks in the dip. I reserved about 2 tbsp of the clam juice and added it to the dip (the recipe does not indicate if clams should be drained or not). I think I would increase the other ingredients to be more than a "dash." Overall, its good and quick. Thanx for sharing!

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*Parsley* December 28, 2012

A simpler version is:
2 cans of chopped clams, drained and save the joice
1 8 oz package of cream cheese - warmed for 40-45 seconds in microwave
Worcestershire sauce to taste

Drain the juice from the clams into a container.

Place cream cheese in a bowl and mocrowave
Mix the clams and the cream cheese
Add a small amount of clam juice and Worcestershire sauce to tatse

Serve with wavy lays potato chips.

Simple, fast and delicious.

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reidt2 December 27, 2012

This is the first time I ever made clam dip and it came out soo good. Thanks to the other reviewers for doing all the trial and error. I added in the 2tbsp of sour cream and clam juice and I let it sit for a few hours and boy was it tasty. Will definitely do it again.

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overtonswife September 29, 2011

This stuff is SO GOOD! I used chopped fresh garlic, an additional two tbs of sour cream, about two tsp creamed horseradish, and added (the suggested, in the reviews) two tbs of reserved clam juice. i had to (unfortunately!) wait to give it a whirl until the next day, but BOY, did those flavors meld! the spice, even with both the hot sauce and horseradish, was hard to detect. I served with it townhouse crackers, but I would LOVE to try this with ruffles! I'm not sure where my random craving for clam dip came from, i AM sure that I'm glad that I found this recipe! Thank you!

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Froggus. May 08, 2011
Grandma's Clam Dip