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11-14-2013: I made Joy's recipe today, exactly as written. It came together easily, and smells heavenly. I baked it in my 8 x 3-inch springform pan at 302 F. I made a 2 inch collar for the pan by tying a doubled piece of baking parchment to the outside of the pan. The cake did rise above the pan, but stayed about an inch below the top edge of the collar. I baked it for 3 hrs and 20 min. I checked the cake at 2 1/2 and 3 hours. Both times there was still wet batter on the stick, 20 min later, the stick came out perfectly dry. I will update my review after I taste the cake on Christmas day. :)<br/>12-21-2013 Pricked cake top with a metal skewer, and brushed the top with a 1/3 cup 'good brandy'. :)<br/>12-5-2013 - I turned the cake over to let the brandy soak back to the other side. :)<br/>12-18-2013 I have covered the cake with marzipan and the traditional red ribbon and bow. I will cut a sprig of holly from my daughter's garden (my holly is currently buried under snow) to place in the center of the cake before serving for dessert on Christmas day. :) Will report back after Christmas to let you know how it tasted! :)<br/>12-27-2013 OMG! This Christmas cake is moist, and delicious! I totally agree Joy, it is the best. The flavor is wonderfully balanced and mellow, it is not too sweet nor too spicy (ie too much cinnamon or cloves) and the texture is perfect too. Although it is a very rich cake, it is not exceptionally dense as many Christmas cakes and/or fruit cakes can be. It is much lighter in texture than most. I think we have started a new Christmas family tradition :) <br/>BTW my (British) son-in-law said it was the best Christmas cake he ever had, and rated it 10|+ stars! :)<br/>Thank you, Joy for sharing your grandmother's wonderful recipe.

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Dee514 December 28, 2013
Grandma's Best Christmas Cake