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I really like this recipe. The grated carrots in it are a plus. With the mayonnaise, it is very creamy and doesn't get dried out. This is a winner!

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Krsi Sue May 05, 2006

OMG, I love this. No one else in the family likes tuna, so I halved the recipe. I'm going to limit this to twice a year...I think I'm addicted. I had it for breakfast this morning! I left out the carrots and celery, but that's just personal preference. I want to say thank you but...why have you done this to me? :) :)

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Deely May 02, 2006

A little different taste from my usual tuna casserole; creamier and richer. We all liked it. Husband wants cheese added to topping next time. Son loved it but felt a little guilty enjoying all that fat. 18 month old grandson liked it so much he dug in with both hands and smeared some on his face just for good measure. For my part I kept sampling as I was trying to cover up left overs to put away. Need a really big bowl to mix this up in. Will definitely make this again.

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Pinkytz April 29, 2006

This recipe did not go over well at our house. I think it was just too creamy. I only used 3/4 cup of the sour cream and the mayo and if I were to make this again, I would use even less..or maybe just one can of cream soup. I liked the addition of the carrots and the celery and the frozen peas. I actually used a frozen veggie combination and thought it was a good substitiution. Just a bit too heavy. A family that likes really creamy tuna casserole would love this recipe. Thanks akgrown.

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NcMysteryShopper October 16, 2006
Grandma Smith's Tuna Casserole