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Omg. Sooooo good. You need a good non-stick pan. You stole this recipe from my grandma. Thanks for reminding me!!!!

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Nkeek August 27, 2011

This recipe is just like one my Ukranian mother-in-law makes, which is nothing short of absolutely delicious! The only difference is that this recipe more approprite for two people compared to the one my in-law makes that would feed an army. I tried dividing her "guessipe" (a guessed recipe with the ingredients: a little bit of this, some of that, a few shakes of this, a good pour of that, etc...) however, the blintz was not the same. So in search of a good, but small blintz recipe I found yours, and I am glad I did! Thanks!

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keijei21 October 02, 2012
Grandma Reilkoff's Authentic Russian Blintze