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I though I had kiwis to dress the pavlova, but I was too late. Somebody else got them before.
The pavlova came out very good, I used a fan forced oven to bake it and for this reason I baked it at 120?C for 70 minutes (plus resting in the oven).
Finally I dressed the pavlova with raisins and served with the cream.
Delicious crispy and melting in the mouth! thanks a lot for this wonderful dessert!

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awalde August 31, 2012

This was an adventure: I had no idea how it should look or taste! It's really just a big ball of meringue topped with custard and berries, and it's delightful. Requires patience but pays off with a dessert that's a real treat and yet not excessively sweet. The custard was supposed to be "on the side" but putting it on top with fresh raspberries covered a multitude of sins in the pav's cracked, uneven crust, and the custard just might have been the best part. Thanks for sharing a bit of Aussie/NZ culture with us! Made by LL's DH for ZWT8.

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Lavender Lynn August 11, 2012
Grandma Perritt's Pavlova With Custard Cream