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What a great recipe! Thank God for grandmas. I hesitate to admit this because the recipe is so great as it is, but I added an envelope of Dry Italian Salad Mix Seasoning to the filling ingredients during the final mixing - it added just a little bit of zing. Thank you for sharing this great recipe and for the wonderful storage directions - perfect!

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Annie in Michigan January 24, 2007

My, my I think I'm a true Italian after making these! lol This was my first ever attempt at making homemade ravioli and though my fingers stumled I managed to get the hang of it. My mouth however didn't cooperate as well for I couldn't stop eating them as soon as they came out of the hot water. The ravioli was too darn good to wait patiently for them to cool. The meats, cheese, onion, and spinach blended well. Not one taste over powered the other. My fridge is stacked high with these goodies just waiting for our evening meal to come around. Ceil, thank you for making this first try a success!

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smoke alarm jr March 04, 2005
Grandma Chiesa's Ravioli