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oh...my...G__d!!!! Andy, this carrot cake totally rocks bigtime! I will give it 5 stars plus 3= 20 stars. The best carrot cake I have ever had, and I thought that I have tryed all the best, but no way this is it! This cake is so moist, and talk about delicious... well, that's just an understatement....Well, Thank your mother-in-law, and you for an outstanding carrot cake recipe...I will be making this again...very soon...probably sooner than you think, cause my DH and my son already ate almost half of the cake...I sure hope that I get some for myself tonight...Great recipe Andy...keep up the good work, thank you :-) :-)

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Kittencal@recipezazz January 16, 2004

This is a wonderful recipe, everybody loved it! I first thought of baking it in a loaf tin since I don't have a tube pan but luckily my neighbour had one, so he lent me it! Very easy to put together. I used pineapples and I made 2 cakes. For the glaze, I made one as is, for the other, I omitted the coffee and added in a tsp of vanilla extract instead. I think the star of this recipe is the "topping" filled in, everybody was intrigued as to what I had put in it! Thank you so much, andypandy, for sharing this wonderful recipe, this is definitely a keeper! :)

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Aaliyah's&Aaron'sMum December 11, 2009

Just recently discovered your recipe - finally a carrot cake that is not loaded with baking soda. Absolutely wonderful and, for us, no cream cheese icing. How many stars can I give this!!!! a lot. Can't make too often or I would probably make myself sick eating it. This coffee glaze is such a refreshing change - then of course we like coffee. Thanks for submitting.

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waynejohn1234 July 14, 2009

This recipe was easy to make. Great flavor. Very moist. I didn't use the glaze, I made a cream cheese frosting and drizzled it over the cake. I liked the idea of baking it in a bundt pan. Thanks for the great recipe. I will be making this again.

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4-H Mom April 15, 2009

I have tossed out my old favorite recipe for carrot cake I have a NEW one now! I used pineapple and dont care for pineapple but in this cake I couldnt even tell there was any in it! I also subbed pecans for the walnuts ground them very fine. Next time I bake this I will reduce the cook time of 45 to 40 minutes. I poked holes in with skewer but next time I want to make the holes a little bigger. I usually make carrot cake with cream cheese icing but this is a very good glaze for this cake. Thanks andypandy for sharing this recipe with us.

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Calee October 30, 2007

this was really good. My mom was skeptical of the coffee glaze, but everyone really enjoyed it. The men at my husbands work couldn't eat it fast enough! For my first carrot cake, I was very impressed!

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Jennygal November 28, 2006
Grandma Chics Carrot Cake 1968