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This is the best chili! I made it twice, the second time I substituted beer for the water and added some pureed chipotle peppers - it was even more awesome!

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Mysterygirl November 25, 2002

Simply the best chili! The only thing I changed was, I substituted beer for the water, as MG suggested. I let this simmer on the stove for a couple of hours, it smelled wonderful while it was cooking. I knew this was a winner, but BF has already requested it agian, and I just made it two days ago, so it was definately a hit. The flavor of this chili was just awesome! You MUST try this! Definately a keeper Cher!

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bratty December 07, 2002

Fantastic! Very complex layers of flavor. Couldn't be easier to make.

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Salesgirl December 19, 2002

This was truly the best chili I have ever had! I substituted beer for the water, included 2 cans of red beans, and cooked it in a crock pot for 5 hours. I served the chili w/ Homemade Biscuits (#17867) by Darlene Summers w/ cheddar cheese added, diced onion, grated cheese & sour cream. Delicious!

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Steve1 March 21, 2003

Can I give this about 50 stars? Cher, this is awesome chili! I made it exactly as stated, no substitutions, but I used some fresh hot peppers in addition to the cayenne(I didn't have enough of the cayenne.) I used beer instead of water, mmm... And now for the million dollar question...Did I add beans???? You have converted this born and bred Yankee and my Yankee husband! I no longer need beans in my chili, lol! It was nice and thick all on it's own, and soooo good. We had it w/ cornbread. And the leftovers are even better, if that's possible. Just amazing chili, and the only one I'll make from now on. Thanks Cher!

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ciao November 28, 2003

Absolutely delicious Cher! Another converted Yankee here... ;) Since all y'all from Texas have been ribbing me about never having tried "chili," but rather, "yankee stew," I had to give your recipe a shot...OMG! YUM! I loved having the chunks of beef instead of ground, and I loved the spicy thick chili juice too...just perfect on the seasonings...I served mine with a dollop of sour cream, cheddar-jack cheese and fresh chopped cilantro...MMMMMM!! I may sub some water for beer next time, but I loved it just as is. Thanks Cher!!! :)

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canarygirl January 19, 2004

Who knew I California girl could cook such amazing chili? Thanks to your recipe, that is. This chili is so delicious. My mouth was watering the entire time it wa simmering. I used half beer and half water. Truly the best! Thanks for posting!!!

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Mermaid November 04, 2003

When I walked into the house and smelled this cooking, I had to take a taste. My first thoughts were, "a little too spicy and what it really needs is a can of bea...." OUCH! WHAT THE HECK?!?!?! STOP BEATING ME!!! HEY, WHAT"S THAT SHINY THING??? Oh Cher, this is Moxie. I am so sorry. I came home from the store and found a Yankee had broken into the house and was typing at my computer. I lured him outside by rolling a six-pack of Old Milwaukee into the driveway. Unfortunately, he ran right into the path of our neighbor's F-150. Such a stressful day. Fortunately, I had your fine chili to calm my nerves. It is truly a masterpiece, and I am so glad you shared it. I substituted Shiner Bock for the water, but made no other changes, although we did top our bowls of red with a little sharp cheddar. Thank you so much for sharing this awesome recipe. It rocks and so do you!

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moxie November 01, 2003

I do not consider myself a good cook at all but I like to try new things. That said my girlfriend's family has a very, very competitive quarterly cook-off competition and this time around it was chili. I decided to give it a try even though I am not a big chili fan. I researched many recipes trying to find something unique but not overly difficult as a starting point and came across this recipe. I learned a lot of tips from reading the reviews and I also watched about 12 YouTube videos of chili champs making their recipes and looked for tips and consistently used ingredients to add. That said I used this recipe and made the following changes: I replaced the chuck roast with 2 lbs of ground chuck and 1 lbs of diced stew meat, Replaced the paprika with smoked paprika, Added 5 pieces of bacon cut thin with scissors, Added a can of fire roasted tomatoes, Substituted beer (Miller Lite) for water, Cut the chili powder to 3 tablespoons, Deleted salt, added a tablespoon of brown sugar, added a splash of tabasco and a splash of Texas Pete's hot sauce and let it simmer for at least an hour. 6 entries and 10 judges and my chili won!!! I am sitting here still in shock but it happened. Thank you so much Just Cher and Food.com!

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mikeboth1_10513678 January 11, 2015

Quite tasty & good flavor! I made it in the crockpot, since wasn't home for multiple hours. Threw first half of ingredients into pot as directed - cooked on HIGH for about 4 hours, then added remaining spices and turned to LOW for 1-2 hour more. Yes, it is runny at the end, but that's the style. I added chili beans for my preferences. And I did follow others recommendations and HALVED the Chili Powder & Cayenne. Had plenty of bite, and don't think DH would have eaten it otherwise. Thanks!! Great recipe and easy to add things for individual tastes.

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EppiRN April 02, 2012
Grand Prize Chili