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I haven't tried the recipe yet, but wanted to write an answer for Tisme. I helped my mom can peaches for years and years when I was growing up. The way to peal peaches is actually quite simple. First you have a large pot of water boiling on the stove and fill the sink with cold water and ice. Prick the peaches and place the peaches a few at a time in the boiling water for a couple of minutes. You can tell when it's time to take them out when the skins split. Remove them and put them immediately in the cold water. Then the skins will slip right off.

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didgyreandgimble August 23, 2011

Followed the recipe to the letter with only one exception... I did not have any crystallized ginger on hand. The jam set perfectly, but there are so many spices in this recipe you can't even taste the peach. While I like a little spice now and then, why cover the gorgeous flavor of one of the most luscious fruits in existence? I am really disappointed that I wasted 13 of my beloved peaches on this recipe. I love the way it looks, and sets... but will likely never make it again.

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simply_lisa_lisa July 14, 2012

I didn't make this yet, but I will. Just a note to the soft set jammers - it can take a week for a jelly or jam to set up so don't despair. I made Concord Jelly last week and it is still very soft BUT the jar I have in the fridge is perfectly set. So, patience!

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Secret Agent September 20, 2011

Thank you for this recipe! I had to make a few minor tweaks and some tips. #1, it takes about 11 peaches to make 8 cups. I always cut an "x" into the bottom and top of each peach, then dunk them into a pot of boiling water for 2 minutes. I then place the peaches into an ice water bath. The peels should come off very easily. #2, I use my food processor to pulse the fruit. #3, I used a whole box of pectin. I used Sure-Jel. Next time, I will find Pomona Pectin so I can decrease the 7 cups of white sugar. #4, I won't use the clove spice next time. It overpowered the flavor of the jam. Not that I didn't like it, but I want the ginger-peach to shine through. #5, I will add some vanilla to the jam next time, based on some reviews I read. Brilliant! #6, I always add a pat of unsalted butter, which cuts back on the foam. #7 - I freeze a few spoons, so I can dip it into the jam to see if it has thickened enough. Finally: the jam set quite well, but isn't super thick. I'm okay with that. The flavor is delicious...the ginger ratio is perfect. If the clove wasn't there, I'd be even more pleased. I will definitely make this recipe again...in fact I'm putting it on my food blog with a link back to your recipes. Thanks for sharing this one. Love it.

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foodiewife_12461649 August 18, 2012

This didn't set for a long time (days), and I was really afraid I'd messed it up. I finally decided I would try it as an ice cream topping, and lo and behold, it had set up when I wasn't looking. I made the recipe exactly as written, and the flavors meld together to make the best jam I've ever tasted! Thanks for posting.

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Chrisbee October 01, 2009

I just made this Jam and it is delicious, but it did not set. I think in needs more the 6 tablespoons of pectin. Next time I made it I will use two boxes of pectin.

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Moe Weiss September 24, 2009

Holy Cow! This stuff is amazing. Like a, where have you been my whole life awesome. The only changes I made was omit the fresh ginger (didn't have any) but added an extra half tablespoon of crystalized ginger. No cloves (hate them) and a weak 1/4t. allspice. I used peaches that I froze last summer and needed to do something with them. As they thawed they were very juicy so I just pureed the entire batch smooth. I have found what I am giving as Christmas gifts this year!

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ferguson447 June 09, 2013

This is a fabulous jam! Yummy balance of flavors. When u see allspice etc sometimes u think fall spice ...this is peach 1st with compliment of spices. Onto my experiece...I didn't have powdered pectin so I tried liquid, NOT! I don't know if there is a way but I tried several recommendations for translating liquid:powder and nothing worked for me so I will always use the powder here.

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obelder September 19, 2011

The hardest part of making this wonderful jam is peeling the peaches!
This is such an easy jam to make, and the taste is just divine.
Mine set perfectly and the colour is so rich and looks so beautiful.
Thanks for posting a wonderful recipe mary.

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Tisme February 13, 2011

Tricks & Warnings: don't chop the peeled peaches, squish them in your clean hands. If the peach is not ripe enough, discard what doesn't come easily off in the hand. This way you'll get both pieces and mashed without any cutting. The warning: I made this with xylitol and not with 7 cups (don't need/want that much sugar) and so used Pamonas Universal Pectin. FOLLOW DIRECTIONS CAREFULLY. first go round I had peach soup and had to open 12 pints and redo the pectin. 2nd warning: CAREFUL with the spices. I got a bit generous and now the undertones of clove etc are overtones. When in doubt, make a small batch and not the double batch I started with. Otherwise it's probably a fine recipe. Only the cook went haywire.

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Anton Ego August 17, 2009
Grand Champion Peach Jam