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I made some Mashed Potatoes to go with the smelts and I tell you, it was a meal I won't soon forget! Comfort foods at their best. I grew up eating smelts (the little ones) and have always loved them. I don't get to eat them too often, but that is about to change! After eating these tender, sweet fish with this delicious muffin mix batter I have found the perfect recipe for us. This is one meal that makes you wonder why you don't have it on your monthly menu plan. Well, you should if you don't! I just put it on mine!

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MixingItAllUp September 12, 2008

Linda, I was browsing your recipes and saw this recipe for Fried Smelts. I picked some up last month at the store, in the frozen food section, and I was so excited to find this recipe posted here. I had NO idea how I was going to cook them, but I do know that my husband loves them, and I wanted to make them for him! He was flabergasted that I remembered he liked them when he saw what I was cooking last night for dinner, and after dinner he told me these were by far the best Fried Smelts he has ever had, but SHHHHHHHhhhh, don't tell his mother haha! I used the little tiny smelts about 3-4" long, and rinsed them well in cold water to thaw them, then cleaned them and got them ready to go. The flavor of these tender little fish were delicate, sweet, and oh sooooo good! We absolutely will be having these in the very near future, or hubby will divorce me for sure!

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MeganMuffins September 26, 2007
Grammie Bea's Fried Smelts