Gralefrit (a recipe by twits for twits and wannabe twits)

Total Time
Prep 15 mins
Cook 10 mins

The title is from Fawlty Towers, the recipe is an original version of a very old dish. I simply invite you to indulge in this decadent breakfast for 2. You don't absolutely have to be a twit to enjoy it.


  1. Heat up the broiler while you prepare everything.
  2. Cut the grapefruit in half, across the center, so that the whostitcalled hard stalky bit is smack in the middle of one of the halves- that way you cut through each segment inside.
  3. Using a knife, free each segment from each half and cut it up a bit.
  4. You should be left with a sort of random pile of pulp.
  5. If you want to scoop everything out, chop it up, and put it back, you can do that too.
  6. Cut up the figs and stir them in, and mix in the brandy, too.
  7. Cover the tops with the sugar.
  8. Put them under the grill, and leave them there until the sugar begins to bubble.
  9. Smell a nice smell?
  10. That's grapefruit juice intermingled with brandy.
  11. Divine.
  12. Best served hot.
Most Helpful

Grapefruits are just starting to come into season here, fresh figs have already made their appearance, and brandy, well, brandy is always in season, especially at my house. I actually zested just a little of the grapefruit rind and mixed that in with everything else. Smell a nice smell? Yes I did! I usually like to have fruit for breakfast, now I just have to convince myself that fruit with brandy is good for breakfast as well. To paraphrase a 70s commercial that won't get out of my head: Brandy, it's just not for after dinner anymore...

Mirj September 15, 2002

What a nice combination. I loved it! I ended my dinner with it last night. You know I have always loved figs but never really used them in my recipes. Well, yesterday I went out and bought some figs and I dusted off the brandy bottle. I cut down on the brown sugar as I usually don't use any sugar on my grapefruit. This is going to be the way to eat grapefruit at my house from now on.

luvmybge September 17, 2002

I've been doing grilled grapefruit with loads of sugar (no ruby-reds in those days) for donkeys years and never thought of adding figs and BRANDY! Silly me - what we missed.Here's to grilled "Gralefrit". (To be followed by ACON AND BEGGS, no doubt. Good recipe, Miller.

elsie(across the pond) morgan September 15, 2002