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Thank you for putting this recipe in this site. It really was so good and so easy to prepare and the flavours were so much better than the prepared ones that we get in the stores. I have had trouble finding boxed graham wafers that don't have dairy in them so used your recipe and just substituted the butter for non-dairy margarine (I used Vegan Becel) and it turned out great. Am planning to make graham wafer crumbs out of some of the graham wafers to use in making some of my favourite desserts.

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BJ from BC December 06, 2014

These are totlly addictive! I just made them as a snack for my daughter, but I'm having trouble leaving them alone!:) They're nice and crispy-crunchy after they cool off, richer than the store-bought variety, with a very nice flavor. Mine are a little tougher than I'd like, but that's due to my mixing I'm sure. I cut them out with alphabet cookie cutters, and chilled them again before transferring to avoid messing up the shapes. I will definitely make these again - a yummy way to practice my mixing and rolling technique, and a yummy way for my daughter to learn her letters!:)

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LA28 April 29, 2005
Graham Wafers