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Made these tonight after supper for a quick dessert for my diabetic DH. I was wanting to make something more like a regular chocolate chip cookie, so I left out the cocoa and replaced it with an extra 1/4 cup of unbleached white flour. I also used mini chocolate chips. I did flatten them slightly but should have pressed them harder because these cookies do not spread at all. They smelled delicious as they were baking (mmm ... warm chocolate - what's not to like?) and I thought they tasted pretty good. DH wasn't as thrilled with them as I had hoped, but I will try them again & will try using the cocoa in the dough as well. Thanks for posting! -M =)

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Mary Scheffert February 05, 2008

These are a very chocolate, low-sugar cookie. I do not have Splenda for baking but used an equal amount of Splenda/granulated sugar. To put more chocolate chips throughout the cookie, I used mini chocolate chips. The one thing I would suggest, is that the cookies be flattened slightly before baking. These were made for the *Bake-A-Thon in honor of CoolMonday*.

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PaulaG November 24, 2007
Gracie's Double Chocolate New Year's Cookies, Low Sugar