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Very yummy! I added a small can of hot green chiles, 1/4 tsp cumin and a 2 cloves of garlic to filling. In addition, I subbed cilantro for parsley and used smoked fontina. Definitely will be making this again. Company worthy.

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Sous Me July 13, 2010

What lovely enchiladas!!! Being hispanic, I always approach Mexican food recipes with some trepidation - but these were easy to make and wonderful. I followed the recipe exactly except for at the end. For the sauce, I went ahead and incorporated the minced onion, parsley, salt and pepper to the cream cheese mixture instead of mixing them with the tomatoes. The tomatoes were added alone, followed by the cheese. These are keepers and I can't wait to try them with chicken. I agree with Sous Me - these are company worthy! Thanks for posting, Jekase!

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Jostlori September 20, 2012

This turned out really great, didn't have any red peppers, and of course, as my name stated, I used more cheeese than called for, both fontina and cheddar and it was excellent. Another thing I changed was lobster was on sale, cheaper than shrimp if you can believe, so thats what I used and wow were they good. Our New Years Day dinner. Superb, easy, excellent flavor, just a little bit costly to prepare!!! An easy way to make the filling is if using frozen shrimp (which I did,btw I used large wild caught uncooked shrimp) put the defrosted shrimp in a skillet with small amount of butter. Add the onions, peppers (I also added some serrano chiles for flavor) and saute until shrimp is just pink. Add s & p, dill, and chili powder and lastly lemon juice,( I didn't use lemon juice as I though it was too wet already). Then add your cheeses. Filling is complete. For the assembly, I filled the softened tortillas with shrimp mixture, rolled them up and placed them on top of some of the cream cheese, cream sauce. Then I poured the remaining sauce all over the top of the enchiladas and then I put the tomato mixture of top of that and then I put the fontina cheese on top. Phew!!!

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Sauce Lover March 19, 2010

These turned out great and were exactly what I was looking for tonight. They are similar to a local restaurant which was cool. Fontina cheese is absolutely key.Tortillas came out perfect, not soggy at all. Even my 5 year olds liked them! Getting the cream cheese to melt in the microwave was interesting. After 3-4 rounds of 30 seconds eventually the sauce came together.

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mshaley February 28, 2010

This is delicious. As some have suggested, I swapped out the parsley for cilantro and used fresh, drained salsa as the topping. One hint, though. If you are making these ahead and storing in the refrigerator, heat more slowly on a lower temperature. I would recommend 350 for 25-30 minutes. The higher temp is ok for room temperature, just made enchiladas, but straight from the fridge the high heat cooks the outside too fast without giving the inside a chance to heat thoroughly. Great recipe!

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jensenly January 24, 2008

Per other reviewers I also used my favorite salsa on this instead of tomatoes and onions on top (it added a little more kick) and doubled the sauce. I don't know how it could have done without!

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Jessica in Phoenix, AZ April 07, 2010

Best ever seafood enchiadas! Rave reviews around the table when these were served. So good it has become one of those rare "go to" recipes for me. As an added benefit it can be made before guests arrive and in the oven cooking - leaving time to visit with guests (after all, isn't that why we throw these dinner parties?). Plus the main course is rich enough so a simple salad is all that's required for a side dish. Fresh berries with whipped cream for dessert and you've got a meal that is elegant without being a stress to put together!

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jedeems May 15, 2015

This recipe is truly worthy of its name "Gourmet"! I worred about 8 tortillas serving 4 people, but the portions are perfect. I almost used corn tortillas (normal for enchiladas), but the delicacy of the shrimp taste really calls for the blander flour tortillas. The flavors are robust enough to call this a "Mexican" dish without adding any extra spices and the marriage of fontina cheese with shrimp is made in heaven. I, too, substituted the parsley for cilantro and it tasted more authentic. This was an incredible dish that got RAVE reviews from my guests. I will make it again and again.

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Kitchen Zaar October 05, 2009

This was the best. Made it for company and they all loved it. Used fat free everything excepet for the cheese. Was still very rich and creamy. Also chopped up regular shrimp instead of the baby shrimp. And left out the tomatoes (Hubby hates them), and used red peppers instead. Will be making this again and again.

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Hotcooking_21 August 05, 2009

My kids love this. I have made a few adjustments in the past - I double the chili powder, chop 1 lb of shrimp instead of the baby shrimp, and use cilantro in place of parsley. I've also added sliced white mushrooms when I have them in the fridge. As someone else suggested - salsa on top is a lot easier! Really good after a day of sledding or skiing!

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Beans N Rice October 15, 2008
Gourmet Shrimp Enchiladas