Gourmet Pesto Pizza

Total Time
20 mins
15 mins

This is a little more grown-up than your average pizza. (I don't necessarily measure all the toppings, just use as much as you want!)

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  1. If the pizza dough has been refrigerated, take it out and let it warm up a bit.
  2. Meanwhile, heat the olive oil in a large pan and then add the mushrooms and chopped onions. Saute until soft. Add the sun-dried tomatoes and cook for another minute or two. If there is liquid remaining in the pain, drain it.
  3. Stretch out the pizza dough onto a lightly oiled pizza pan, or a pizza stone.
  4. spread the pesto sauce onto the dough -- it's best of the pesto is a little less oily than usual: if I buy store-bought I let it separate a bit in the container and then avoid the oil rather than mixing it back inches.
  5. Top with the sauteed vegetables, then the shredded cheese.
  6. Add the black olives and small (1/2 inch cubes) chunks of the goat cheese.
  7. Bake according to the instructions on the dough or dough recipe (generally 450 degrees for about 10-12 minutes).
  8. Slice and enjoy!
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This is good!! Very rich pizza, so you definitely need lots of people to share this with!! I completely forgot the black olives at the store but it didn't need them! The saute of the mushrooms and onions is key and I used homemade pesto (Classic Pesto). It was so fresh and tasted like great Italian pizza, thanks for posting!!

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I used Healthy Italian Breadsticks or Pizza Crust for the dough, added a bit of garlic to the onion/mushroom mixture, and left off the goat cheese. It tasted wonderful with each bite offering a different flavor. Thanks Kitchen Kozy!

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We had pizza night for my birthday this evening. I made several small pizzas with whole wheat dough and this was one I liked a lot. I brushed roasted garlic and olive oil on my crust and prebaked it some then spread on my pesto and the other ingredients. I used a cheese blend of parmesan, asagio, romano, fontina, provolone, and mozzarella. I added chicken (Pesto Coated Chicken Skewers) because I like my protein and artichokes cause I had them. Made for ZWT4. Thanks for posting.