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Never fear....even though this batter is thinner than most muffin batters, the muffins turned out to be tender, light and absolutely delicious for those of us who like nutmeg! My nutmeg grater has an attitude regarding my fingers, but does a great job with the nutmeg. Once I discovered the muffins need to rest for 4-5 minutes after coming out of the oven, they came out of the sprayed muffin pan and were picture perfect. The only change I made was in using evaporated milk, since I didn't have any cream. Thanks, MarieAlice, for a recipe I'll use often.

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NoSpringChicken April 23, 2004

Just made these quickly this morning to send with my kids on their lunch! They turned out great! Subtle flavor, not too sweet and made a little healthier by the addition of some wheat germ (1/4 cup) and ground flax seed (1/4 cup).

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Mothergoose May 14, 2007

There are no words to describe these muffins. We found the recipe last week and have made this several times since. The smell is so wonderful as it's in the oven and the texture is wonderful. We are a family of four and can easily eat through an entire recipe of these on a lazy morning. We used mini tins, maybe this makes us feel less guilty, and we got more than 24 muffins. We found that not filling the muffin tins too much was the best way to go with these. Thanks for this stupendous recipe!

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Akikobay July 07, 2004

These muffins are wonderful! We enjoyed these for a snack this evening. Thank you so much for posting this recipe:-)

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Charishma_Ramchandani March 26, 2004
Gourmet Nutmeg Muffins