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My Viszla-mix, Sam, has a very sensitive stomach and most treats don't agree with him, but we need treats for his obedience training and I was really at a loss. This recipe is great! No junk (I couldn't believe what goes into most commercial treats...), and I can choose what goes into them.. I made them with sweet potato and chicken flavored baby foods and he loves them so much I had to put the container on a high shelf so he can't reach. I did need to add a bit more flour to make the dough workable, and I used a pizza cutter to cut the dough into small squares small enough to use for training. Also, after the baking time was done, I turned the oven off and left them in so that they came out very crunchy and dry and should keep very well in a sealed container (not that they'll last very long...) I think for Christmas this year, I'll make a big batch of these in bone shapes for the furry members of my extended family. Thanks for a great recipe!

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caetb June 05, 2003

Well, this just passed the picky puppy test with flying colors!! Our Sheltie just LOVED these - he kept beging for more - something he never does with dry treats. I used veggie/beef stew baby food for this batch. I also added a bit more flour to make it easier to roll. This is a definite keeper for my pooch - especially with all the news lately on dog food and treats being full of "junk" (not edible for human consumption) This recipe is easy and my sheltie adores it - I will definitly make these again and again. Thanks!!

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Graybert March 24, 2002

I made these treats and they are a hit with my labrador! I used Lamb and Lamb Gravy Gerber's baby food, which is pretty smelly stuff and not for the weak of nose. They're very moist so make sure you let them dry thoroughly before putting them in a tin or baggy.

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Vegan Courtney April 28, 2002

AMAZING! Our pups LOVED them! And soooo easy! I read several reviews & used most of the tips - rice cereal instead of powdered milk, 1/4 cup extra flour for the stickier ones (I made 4 different batches), canola oil instead of vegetable, used dough hook with Kitchenaid mixer (no extra kneeding!), a little olive oil on my hands when handling the dough, baked 40 minutes at 350 & left in oven after turning off to get them more crisp. Baby food jars were all sorts of sizes, I used 2 jars of the 4oz & added 1/4 cup of flour. I made a batch of beef from the 2.5oz jars, so used 3 jars. Our pups even enjoyed a taste of the raw dough :) I made 2 batches for a bake sale & they were a hit! Thanks for the great recipe!

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Alesha Ann October 10, 2011

My dog loved these! I made a double batch to freeze half for later, and I will also be portioning out the baked treats and freezing them to keep them fresh. I liked one commenter's idea of using rice cereal instead of powdered milk, it's cheaper and better for doggies who have a little problem digesting dairy. Having said that, however, I made it with powdered milk and my dog has had no problem. Thanks for the great recipe!

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WildLightning December 19, 2010

These were very easy to make and my dog Keely loved them. I used pumpkin puree in place of the baby food. The biscuits need to bake longer than suggested. After the initial 22 minutes I lowered the temperature to 175 degrees and baked for another 30 minutes.

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luvmybge August 09, 2009

Even with extra flour, the dough is very sticky. I recommend putting vegetable oil or shortening on your hands before attempting to kneed the dough. I dove into my first batch with just flour, and I was immediately covered in gooey dough. After scraping off what I could, I put olive oil on my hands, and the dough was very docile afterward. The recipients all reported that their hounds approve of the results.

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Fanged Menace December 20, 2007

This is an easy and quick-baking recipe compared to some other dog treats out there. I have made these the last several Christmas' for my family and friends who have dogs. They (and their dogs) all love them! I always add more flour than called for until the dough becomes non-sticky and elastic. You can really pack them into the pan as they don't rise/spread. I bake them as directed and let them cool on the cookie sheet out of the oven. Great!

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MagsV November 25, 2007

I used 1 jar each of Gerber's pure meat Veal & Beef. For step 6, I cut and rolled the dough into ropes, slicing off 1/4 inch pieces ( for training treats )and made 80 treats from the batch. These baked up just fine and smelled very good. I let them oven dry 30 minutes after the baking and had 4 extremely alert dogs to taste test them on. It's a winner here. I baggied up the treats and froze them. I'll be making these often for them. Thank you for sharing.

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peachez July 22, 2003
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