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Fabulous! We dipped them in melted caramel, let it set up a bit, then drizzled on milk and dark chocolate, then sprinkled on mini M&M's and salted peanuts. SO good. We also made the following: dark chocolate dipped with coconut and almonds, milk and white chocolate drizzle with crushed peppermint candy, and milk chocolate dipped with crushed oreos and little red/green tree sprinkles.

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JanuaryBride December 08, 2009

Okay, I agree with the reviewer who couldn't get her white chocolate to melt. My husband and I researched it on line, and it seems that some very experienced (which we are not, but we're not stupid, either!) cooks hate working with white chocolate because it can be so temperamental (and "seizes"). So - after throwing out two packages of nice white chocolate morsels because we created white glop that wouldn't melt by either method, we switched to semi-sweet and had great results. We didn't do the white chocolate drizzle (obviously), but rather sprinkled multi colored non-pareils on the dipped semi-sweet pretzel rods for our daughter's class birthday treat. They were a hit. Note: to get the sprinkles on both sides of the pretzels, we lined the wax paper with them and placed the dipped pretzels directly on them, then sprinkled more on top.

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Professor Frizzle November 08, 2010

I made these rods with dark and white chocolate. To keep white chocolate from seizing you can soften it by adding either a little warm butter or a couple of tablespoons of warm milk or cream while the morsels are sitting in your warm double boiler or in the microwave (check frequently). Don't overheat or it will get too hot and that is when the white chocolate becomes a thick paste. Its tricky but I finally figured it out after several years of white choco disasters!

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racers7 May 11, 2011

Awesome! I like to do these throughout the year (white chocolate with pastel sprinkles in spring, orange sprinkles in the fall, etc.). I like to put mine in cello bags http://www.studiostyle.com/printed-cello-party-favor-bags.aspx and tie them off with pretty ribbon or raffia. It keeps them fresh and looks great for gift giving!

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BerrySweet June 08, 2010

I didn't follow this recipe but make these often, with a twist. I make homemade carmel from the Nestle (I think) website and dip the pretzels in that first, then in chocolate, then in chopped pecans & finally drizzled with white chocolate. My neighbors can't get enough! I've also used chopped marshmallows as a topping, for the kiddos. I've also rolled in rice krispies after the carmel and then in the chocolate. It's just like a candy bar - YUM! So easy yet so extravagant - I highly recommend dipping in caramel before chocolate - it's the only way I make them now!

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stacey16303 November 19, 2009

I make these all the time. I make a powdered sugar icing and dye it with food color to match the holiday and drizzle it on them too. They always look so festive at Christmas and the Fourth of July.

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2SpiceItUp January 21, 2009

one suggestion and I made these this morning for an afternoon christmas dinner appetizer...when you are laying wax paper down for the chocolated pretzel rods - put the wax paper on a cookie sheet for easy moving from spot to spot! The entire counter was filled with decorations before I had this "duh" moment. I also put the cookie sheet outside to speed up the process of hardening the melted chocolate.

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joniefitz December 25, 2007

I made these for a bake sale. I couldnt find the rods so I used the large pretzels. I took everyones suggestions. I used milk chocolate, white chocolates, caramels. I dipped in white chocolates then rolled in crushed peppermint candies. I dipped in caramels and then let them dry on wax paper and then partially dipped them in chocolate. I also bought candy (sorta like a mini mini m & m) and rolled the milk chocolate ones in. I packaged them by the dozen and sold every one of them. These are excellent and were so much fun to watch people walking around eating my snacks at the sale. Thank you!!

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KennKonn October 20, 2007

I was assigned to make chocolate pretzel rods for a baby shower, for a baby girl. I was a little nervous, never having done this before and it's not really my 'thing'...especially reading about the white chocolate seizing up and all. I wanted mine dipped in white chocolate and then the remaining chocolate tinted pink for the drizzle. I just followed the directions on the Ghiardelli bag, which told me to microwave them at 50% power and the chocolate was perfect! I used red gel food coloring for the tint and used a fork to drizzle the pretzels. I'm so relieved to have these made successfully and packed ready for the shower! I'm going to reward myself with a martini :) Thanks for posting Karen!

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Hey Jude February 20, 2014

No problem melting Nestle White Chips. I put it in a glass measuring cup and sat the cup in a pan of boiling water. It got a little thick after a while so I added a little coconut oil. I punched holes in upside down egg cartons to let the rods dry upright so I didn't get the flat look. I also took the advice of a previous poster and dipped some in caramel first, then in chocolate. They are definitely better. These were fun to make! Thanks!

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938006 December 09, 2010
Gourmet Chocolate Dipped Pretzel Rods