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A very solid, delicious and easy chili that can be easily customized. I added one can rinsed, dk. kidneys, because we like them, and used double beef boullion since we were out of chicken. I served it with the beloved Josephinas (cheesy garlic toasts, recipe 59363), shredded cheese and sour cream for toppers. Yummy! Don't skimp on the time, because the flavor really develops in that last hour.

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henway00 November 19, 2007

We liked this... I didn't have the bouillon granules so used one chicken stock cube instead, and I bought some beef stock rather than home made, I wanted to use up the whole jar, later my mixture was a little too liquid so I mixed in a spoonful of cornflour and let it thicken up a little. This was easy to make and since my crockpot only has one setting I left this on for 2 hours, then did another hour while keeping a closer eye on it. I think that the bouillon granules would give this an even better, deeper taste, but it is also tasty as is. Please see my rating system: 4 stars for a simple, tasty crockpot meal that we liked and that I will make again. Thanks!

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kiwidutch February 15, 2007
Gotta Have a Second Bowl Crock Pot Chili Con Carne