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I thought this was excellent! I omitted the sugar/cinnamon dip because I was out of sugar. Instead, I just made more "drizzle" and dipped each biscuit in there before layering. It turned out wonderful! It didn't bake evenly though. I had to take the top layer out after 20 minutes (convection), then put the rest back in, then take the top layer off again, etc etc. Next time, I would try to spread them out in a flat pan and hope they would bake more evenly.

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Crocheting Mama March 29, 2010

The kids loved this. Ok, I thought it was pretty awesome too!! I followed the recipe exactly. I love the way the brown sugar and butter gets through and there is even some on the bottom (top- if you get time to dump it out before it starts being DEVOURED!!) As you can tell from my pic, I DIDN'T even get to remove it from the pan. The cream cheese adds that extra "umph!" that all others are missing. Thanks so much for this wonderful recipe!

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kellychris June 24, 2009
Gorilla Bread for Little Monkeys