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I was having one of those days and I had doubled this recipe cuz 30 just wouldn't be enough if they were as good as they said they were. I had just about given up on this messy dough ( I had chilled it for over an hour ) but it just melted into nothing on the cookie sheets. So, instead of dealing with cookies anymore, I decided to just through the rest of what I had into a greased baking dish, leveled it and top it with oatmeal. I'm guessing it baked at 350` for about 40 minutes and it turned out fabulous!! So yummy as a cake. So moist and delicious. It was a big hit!! Will be making this again and again as a cake and am going to try it with black berries next time!!

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MumTheresa March 03, 2009

I love the flavor combination here!!! White chocolate macadamia cookies with raspberry, wonderful!!!!!!!!! I used frozen, thawed raspberries because I couldn't find good fresh ones and I couldn't wait to try these cookies! The dough was definitely wet, so you must do the hour chill time. Had I found fresh raspberries, this might have eliminated some of the moistness but the dough was pretty wet before I added all the nuts and goodies. So because the dough was so tempermental, I only baked mine for 8 minutes and then let them cool on the baking sheet for 1 minute. This makes a really moist, gooey, and delicate cookie. With the raspberries added, they were definitely gorgeous!!! Thanks for the recipe!!!

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Chef*Lee January 11, 2009
Gorgeousness in a Cookie